Petroleum Delivery

Capital Transport is focused on service to the local Mississippi area and to the state of Alabama. Our company is responsible for bulk delivery of gasoline and diesel to retail stations, railroads, truck lines, convenience stores, and other end users. Being located within Mississippi, Capital Transport is dedicated to the state, but we also deliver orders of refined petroleum within the great state of Alabama. We are available to deliver orders of refined petroleum products in a fast, efficient, on-time manner resulting in significant cost savings to its customers. We personally work with each customer to meet their specific needs.

Over the Road Bulk Tanker Services

Capital Transport is focused on service nationally. Capital Transport has become dedicated to the safe and on-time delivery of petroleum based products to companies throughout the lower 48 states. Though these areas may not be within Capital Transport's home state, the dedication to service remains the same. Our company works toward timely delivery of petroleum products to any customer, and hopes to exceed our customer's expectations.

Disaster Recovery

Capital Transport focuses on disaster relief through subcontracting. Our company uses it's services to provide timely response to emergent needs for bulk petroleum products following most disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, or floods.